May. 6th, 2011

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My father is supportive. My step-father is having to repeatedly correct my mother. But he's turned into a brilliant ally because he doesn't slip with name/pronouns/etc and makes sure that I'm not the one continually correcting my mother. My hair, after being chopped off a couple of weeks ago, is growing into a more comfortable shape. It could do with growing out some more than then going to the hairdressers to actually shape it properly. Next week is my one-to-one at work and I'm trying not to chicken out of coming out to work but am now beginning to think seriously about the steps I want work to take and the timeframe for them. I know that if presented with things I need from work, my manager will respond by making sure that stuff happens. He's good like that.

And I'm still waiting for an appointment from the clinic. I have some time off this next week so I will phone the clinic to chase. My mood is better than it was but since I'm going to start the whole real life/full time stuff soon I'd like to know that I will be getting that long promised support sooner rather than later. I'm getting really twitchy about it again. And when I say twitchy - I mean obsessive.

But good news to round everything off. I have in the last week signed my deedpoll. Need to send it back for my legal copies. But in the mean time I might use some time off work to walk round to places to get my name changed on some stuff before the legal copies. And I think I've decided that I don't need to change the picture on my driving licence.


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