Apr. 22nd, 2011

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So it's been more than 2 months since I had an appointment/stuff was put together for my re-referal but only 3 weeks since the referal was actually sent on to the PCT.

Yes I had a breakdown a couple of weeks ago when I learnt that I had waited more than a month and my referal had only just been sent on. But whilst I had that breakdown I decided not to wait for the NHS in order to transition. I have told a manager at work, I have paid for (and am waiting on the post on this one) my deedpoll. I am taking practical steps towards living full time. I am not waiting for the NHS. And the last couple of weeks have been easier than the weeks before, I haven't mentally counted each and every single day from appointment to decision.

However I am back to counting again. Taking the timeframe I was originally advised of - 3 or 4 weeks and counting from when I know the referral was sent on to the PCT. And I have even calculated how that timeframe has been affected by the bank holidays (because 4 weeks is 20 working days, so I have to exclude the bank holidays). Not that I've been thinking about this much. It'll happen, it's just annoying having to wait (expect another breakdown should things get delayed AGAIN).


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