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These are some of the reasons that I used to convince myself in the past not to look into transitioning.
  1. If blokes who are 5'4" are mocked for being short, what hope have I got.
  2. Thanks to my childhood full of doctors and hospitals and a whole bag full of issues, I don't like having to have treatment for anything that isn't necessary
  3.  Extension of the above. I have had to inject myself with enough hormones in my life. It makes me feel made of fail to think about a life spent first having to inject one hormone and then switching to another. I can just about deal with the thought my body failed me on one, but not two. I even quit the pill because I didn't like the thought of the extra hormones in my body.
  4. It's more external shit that I don't want to have to deal with. That much uprooting in my life. For fecks sake it would be a little funny being an "old girl" from my old all girls school if I was a bloke.
As you can probably tell, none of these are real reasons not to consider transitioning. But I have a new set of reasons not to these days. It's not something that I've ruled out for forever, but it is for while some of my new reasons stand.


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