May. 19th, 2009 09:15 pm
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So yes, all girls love their accessories right? Bags, shoes etc etc.

Well okay so I do have a special love for bags. BUT always rucksacks. I could easily collect rucksacks and be a kit freak about them. How well they carry stuff, how easily they pack, how easy it is to get stuff out of them, how well they fit.
Not exactly handbags.

Part of my transition right now is the realisation that everything I have tried to force myself to become my whole life, it's necessary. I can stop struggling to find something to like when it comes to girly stuff.

It's okay I don't like accessories, because as a man I'm not expected to.
It's okay I have never willingly worn make-up, as a man I'm not expected to.
It's okay I don't like flaunting my breasts, what man is proud of his cleavage?!

As an aside note to the whole cleavage thing. One of the reasons I've not looked into a binder is because at a 30F or G of whatever I am these days I always figured that I had too much and no binder could help that. I learnt recently that it might not be so. Apparently because of my preference for non-fitted clothes (something that had only increased as I've stopped pushing myself to be okay with having breasts, which after 15 years/most of my life struggling to do so is a load off my mind) many people who meet me think I have small breasts. Now I always knew that people never guess my size right, even when I'm in fitted clothes, but never did I ever think people thought I had small breasts. It gives me hope and increases the fear that a binder still won't make things right.


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