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So I had one of our managers come up to me on the office floor to talk. This isn't as much of an issue as it sounds because it's very possible to be very discreet on our office floor. Most people are on the phone and very involved in their work, a couple of metres away and yet a million miles. Just setting the scene.

She seems to be of the opinion that the whole thing is very cool. She said that my manager has approached her for help, which doesn't surprise me because she was his manager for a while and because she's fantastically supportive. I mean, that's been my experience when I've needed a supportive manager in the past. She said that they're sitting on everything until I'm ready. Things won't move until I'm ready for them to move. And all I have to do is tell them.

But with everything going on in the rest of my life right now . . . I almost can't even think about it. Transition is sitting on the backburner whilst I deal with that stuff. But one thing is for certain - I need to organise to go clothes shopping some time in the not too distant future. And need to make a couple more binders, since I'll be wearing one 5 days a week soon.
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So umm well yes. So I've carefully held onto the piece of paper needing my most uptodate personal details. And feeling a need to be brave earlier today I filled it in before my one-to-one with my new name and title.

this is how panicked I was about this )

So I went into my one-to-one with my team leader. Chatted business stuff. If you really must know - I am awesome. And then I was asked if there was anything I wanted to talk about. I said about the gender identity disorder and changing my name and how I'd written that name on my sheet because well, I'd signed to say that I would give up the old name.

I'm not entirely certain that my teamleader understood what I was getting at, but I also spoke to ex-team leader today (who knows) and team leader said he'd find out how we make the changes needed in work. My only other one-to-one with him so far (due to only taking over a couple of months ago and him being away and them being cancelled over easter) I went in with a list of stuff I wanted him to do for me and he got it done within 24-48 hours so I know he's good on his word. Felt slightly anti-climatic but I got out and Work Pet checked how it went (because he'd had me gittering via email earlier in the day).

I'm kind of glad I didn't go in with a high expectation of this meeting. I think I should have had something more of an action plan to take to table, but considering everything else going on in my life right now I'm happy that they know and with the knowledge that I can move things along faster if I need to. I don't have to worry about that awkward conversation now. It's done. There's many more to come, but that one's done for now. And I'm off now for a bit so I'm pretty certain that by the time I return my team leader will have a hell of a load of questions for me. I need to send off for my copies (but can't find my paperwork for that discount) of my deedpoll so I can get my driving licence changed.

Part 3 is the driving licence.


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