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I watched some more of Charles Asher's vblogs today. It nigged at something in my brain. He keeps saying about how he can't get his girlfriend pregnant, as one of those things that as a transman he can't do. And I think this is the reason it nigged at my brain.

Charles, you are a man with a genetic problem that prevents you fathering children.

Even as a woman I would have trouble with the pregnacy thing. There's no reason to believe that I would have trouble with getting pregnant, but staying pregnant would be another matter. It's a genetic thing. So guess that I have come to realise that for me, the inability to get my girlfriend pregnant. Not an issue. Not a big deal at all. Because I never really expected to have my own children anyway, I kind of always knew there was the probability that I'd end up raising children that weren't genetically mine.

Getting pregnant or fathering children isn't something that I see as my right. I don't see it as a privilidge either actually. Just something that I probably won't get to do. Like never reaching 5 foot tall. It's just something that just about everyone else that I'm ever likely to meet has managed, but that I won't. Am I bothered? I used to be, but these days it usually only bothers me when I can't reach something down. It's all part of the genetic thing.

So I say again to all transmen who would like to be a father. You are a man who just happens to have a genetic problem that prevents you from fathering children. It's not your fault that chance/god didn't see fit to give you that stupid Y chromosone. Personally I got stuck with one healthy X and one stupid lousy something that is kind of an X and kind of not, and it's caused no end of trouble and problems. Seriously guys, try having a genetic problem that only WOMEN can have. Even if I wasn't trans I fall into the "not completely genetically female" group. My genitals might be female and I might be lacking a Y, but I'm not exactly XX either. Sorry, rant over. Touchy subject that obviously. More so than the trans issue.


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