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so I made fewer mistakes with my name. Although the big one was when I gave the correct name at the beginning of the call and when pressed at the end of the call by the [cough] on the other end of the line gave the wrong name. I also got asked whether Henry was short for henrietta. But for everyone who did rather a double take though at the contrast between name and voice - there was someone who was like, "so what did you say your name was? Okay, thanks for your help Henry".

And I realised how much less stressful my day was. I mean, my job can still be pretty shitty but there was no jarring. And I almost did a little squee as my manager's manager walked past and said "hi Henry" nice and loudly. But then he seems to get something of the issues which are important to trans folk so I'm pretty sure it was nicely deliberate.

I think the only thing left to be changed over to my new name is my name badge. But my original badge took ages to come through so I'm not holding my breath.
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