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So today I have a routine check up with my GP about my anti-depressants. And I get there and she asks me whether I'm excited about my appointment on friday. Guh? She had on my notes a scan of a letter from the clinic saying that I have an appointment on friday. News to me, I haven't had this letter from them. I copy the details of the letter down. My GP notices that there was a form included with the letter so i figure that I'd call the clinic after my GP appointment so that I can figure out getting them to send me another copy.

So I phone the clinic. And first of all they struggle to find my details. Then try and tell me that the appointment was last week. And then offer me the same slot in the letter. And then confirm that they have my address right (not sure that they're telling the truth, and clearly they've never been told you NEVER confirm an address over the phone). All of this involves me being on hold a few times, and a total of nearly 6 minutes (which is a long call, I should know). By the time that they're done offering me the same appointment that the letter had offered me - I'm off the phone and then realise that I have no idea whether they're going to resend me the form or not. I'm guessing not. I really hope, since the original letter said to bring the form with to my appointment, that it wasn't something that will prevent my appointment going through because that will really piss me off. Because I got my deedpoll returned to my mother's address so I won't be able to take it into my appointment. All that effort and pretty much nothing to show for it come the appointment. Well, I have a cheque in my new name which has been used. I guess that's SOME evidence of having used my new name.

Trying to remind myself not to get too eager. It's still going to be a slow process. And to be honest at the moment I have too much else on my plate, I can't make more changes than I already have because of everything else. They're on hold until I have completed at least ONE house move. (got my car back todat) But you know, please be excited for me.
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