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Still working through all the life stuff so transition still on hold.
BUT it's not feeling like a deperate situation yet. Still getting waves of dysphoria but it seems much more body based and less social based. No idea how long that will last but it's ok at the moment. Things are only on hold until I have at least one out of the two house moves sorted. And then I can think about going clothes shopping and make myself some more binders and stuff before transitioning at work. I kind of feel on the cusp here, and I'm happy enough here for the time being. Still no word from the clinic. No idea how long to leave it before I chase up there, but I'm going to have to try and change my address with them again. When I move from my village I'm going to have to pay for my post to be forwarded to me JUST BECAUSE OF THE CLINIC.

It made me feel better chatting with WP and filling him in on how it went telling our manager this afternoon. And it's nice to mentally think every time a customer double checks my name (still female name at work) "nah it's not that name, but ok".

I'm still wondering about the wisdom of trying to present as male over the phone before hormones.
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