Jun. 22nd, 2011

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So management already knew and I had organised with my manager on monday to tell my team during our team meeting today. Our team meetings are fairly informal. They generally start with a minimal amount of business and then the rest of the hour talking through anything that needs to be talked through.

I can't even remember much of what I said. It centred about my name change and something about the depression. But my team seemed to get it. Loads of support. Some questions. One team mate expressed his support. One stayed quiet. One said she'd thought I had been about to announce that I was pregnant. One had kind of wondering. Another had just figured that I was a tom boy. One guy sent me an email of support straight after.

My team leader then sent me a copy of the email he was going to send out to other team leaders to send to their teams. It was basically [old name] has changed her name to [new name]. It bothered me and I replied to ask him to change the her to his. I knew when it had gone round because emails of support started to come through.

After the meeting I started to use my new name on the phone with customers. My team leader got my name changed on my emails and got me a new name card for my desk. It'll be a couple of days for my new name badge. Working on the phones I have a little bit that I say at the start of each call that includes my name. And I have said it at least 20k times with my old name. So I have never struggled so much to remember my own name!

So in short - it was positive. We'll see how things go from here. I don't expect them to go downhill because I'm very well protected at work, but you know, this is just the start. But it feels good.


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