Jun. 20th, 2011

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  • no internet for three weeks because of a "technical problem at the exchange". It returned today. 
  • my mental health went more downhill the longer I was without internet
  • I went on camp with the guys the group. There was about 40 of us and I had an awesome time
  • I took part in a singing group on camp and we sounded awesome and all harmony like. Bit Warbles like. And I have discovered you can hide many sins by getting people to sing like that. It was also good to learn ways to make my voice sound lower without straining my voice. And I really enjoyed singing, I would like to find a group locally so I can do more singing.
  • We also went swimming at a local pool. We spent most of our hour in the pool trying to see if we could see a group of us could stand on large float. (answer - yes, with 8 of us and a lot of closeness)
  • My hopes have been raised by someone saying that in many cases charing cross will write a letter for hormones after a second appointment. I know I don't see them but still, my hopes are raised because I have my second appointment in less than 3 weeks and really would like a deeper/lower voice already now.
  • after having spent the weekend being called my proper name I returned to work today and had a customer ask "can I take your name for my records?". Answering with my old name hurt my head and I actually struggled to say it. I then went and asked my manager if I could speak to him. In short - later this week I am explaining to my team mates/colleagues that my name has changed and that I am male. So bar folks in my village/scouts, that will be stuff in place and my proper "real life experience" begun.
  • I want a new binder in time for going to london this weekend, so I tried to order one from amazon only to discover that most of the underworks stuff on there isn't available in my size. so I've had to buy NOT the one I wanted. I will be ordering from t-kingdom next month because I really really want on of theirs.
There is more but have run out of time/energy to write it up or even to remember it all after 3 weeks. Hope everyone is keeping well.


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