May. 7th, 2011

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I think psychologically knowing that my name has been legally changed, although it's not been changed with many places yet, has eased something in my mind this last week. It's a certain kind of pressure to keep up changes and progress with transition but at the same time it's taken pressure off too. Because when I hear my old name used for me I'm no longer thinking "that's won't be me for much longer" but thinking "that's just the name they're using because they don't know any better".

There was more I was going to write but it escapes me now. I think it involved wondering how it is that I seem to have binder related back pain when I haven't done my binder up all day? (being the weekend I have been walking around with my t-kingdom binder on ready to do up for outside of the house, but since I've been in the house or driving all day it's not been done up). I try and look after my back and lungs by not binding in the house and yet I still seem to get binder back pain. This isn't fair.


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