Apr. 23rd, 2011

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Nicely bent by the postman. I have no one to be my witness, but hey - it's here. I am doing away with former name and in with the new. And I already know that once the legal copies come back through I am sending one to go with the mortgage etc and one off to get my driving licence changed so I can have id in the right name.

In other news this morning my sister is bribing me into coming out to my dad. She's using her month old daughter as bribe. Yesterday I really resented being forced into coming out to him if I wanted to see my neice this weekend, but I feel differently this morning. My deedpoll is here, so name change is about to happen. I am preparing to come out to work. And I have given myself some time to think about what I'm going to tell him/how to tell him. I've written a letter to give to him (although I might edit it later). And I've had a chance to reflect on the fact that I suspect that he has his suspicions and actually that he suspects the truth. My dad doesn't normally notice stuff, but he has noticed that I've changed. That I'm happier (seems mad saying that when I know just what my depression is like, but it's true). And his christmas present sent from amazon said it was sent by my new name, and he mentioned this to me at the time. Asked me to thank Henry. So yeah, I think he knows and is just waiting for me to tell him. Doesn't make it easier to find the words, but I think I've found some. Can't easily say them, so they're written down.

I'll let you know how it goes.


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