Apr. 14th, 2011

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If it's not Russell Howard and the BBC then it's the news that the equalities act is up for debate, and if it's not that then the news that the psych community are having a trans meeting/conference and inviting Bindle. Thanks for reminding world that it won't be long before my colleagues are debating my gender behind my back. Cheers, I needed that thought hurting my brain whilst trying to recover from my breakdown, be proactive at work and wrap my head around moving soon.

And I *really really* can't wait until I can use a different name on the phone at work. I'm rather fed up of having to give out a feminine name. Or more specifically, having people repeat it back to me. They use it like it means me or something. It bores me. Even just the shortened version of that name would suit me right now. 4 weeks until I come out at work. Going to ask to straight away be able to use shortened version of name given at birth.

Can I just curl up at home and ignore the world now??


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