Apr. 5th, 2011

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This has generally been on my mind recently. Mostly because I know I have to work myself towards coming out to my dad.

First of all, I think it's something that only happens when you're ready. Coming out to ex-team leader was something I tried to do weeks back and I couldn't get the words out. Last week - they came easily. The time was right. I think it was right when I told my sisters and my mum too. I think part of the reason I haven't told my dad yet because the time isn't right. I think it's difficult to underestimate getting the time right.

Second of all. My dad has his own mental health problems and I realise now that I've spent years trying to avoid overburdening him or distressing him. This is difficult and something that I'm only just beginning to grapple with. I think figuring this out will help me get to above but I haven't figured out exactly how I'm going to make thing something positive enough. I mean, transition will be a positive move forward for me, but there's everything else that goes with this need to transition. I don't know, I'm sure other trans folk will understand what I'm getting but perhaps that will be less clear for cis folk. Plus my father knows and understands enough to know that gender identity disorder is something that is inheritantly distressing. I need to keep working through this until I reach an answer.

This will be delayed/affected by real life at the moment. Including needing to pack up and move house again.


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