Mar. 22nd, 2011

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I don't know exactly what I've read recently that has stirred it up but I do know that right now I am really quite angry with how trans people are treated by society and the fact that so many people seem to think that there's nothing wrong with that, or simply don't care that we exist.

It might have been reading about a trans guy who was gang-raped for being trans. It might have been that friends have suffered violence for being trans. It might be that my PCT have still make a reconsideration on my application for funding, and I've basically been told to give them 2 months. It might be because more than 40% of trans people attempt suicide, based on the best available information. Oh, and that's probably always going to be an underestimate. It might be the way that we're treated by others on the GLB spectrum. You know, those people who get lumped in with us as GLBT. It might be that whilst we're suffering a fight for recognition and a fight against violence, they're holding up the lack of ability to get married to show that they're not being treated as equals by society. It might be that Peter Kay is making money from getting people to laugh at trans women. It might be all of these things. And more.

Some of those things I can link to, some I can't. But right now I feel fearful, and that's making me angry. Really, seriously, no one asks to be transgendered or transsexual. No one wants their first puberty to be the wrong one. No one wants a second puberty when they're already grown up. No one wants to be singled out as "different" when they've spent their lives feeling at odds with the world.

One day, society might be kinder. Maybe we'll be able to catch up with the rest of GLB folk and we'll be able to worry about minor things like marriage. In the mean time, we'll just try and keep safe long enough to get to that society. In the mean time - give Peter Kay none of your money and avoid any of his work. Because trans women are just women and trans men are just men.


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