Mar. 8th, 2011

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And within a few hours I was as dizzy as I get with live-able-with dizziness (I get worse but that usually results in going off sick), a headache and later on feeling like someone has been playing football with my insides.

Poking around online I am not alone in feeling a very quick responce to this particular anti-depressant. All the advice is that it gets better before it gets worse. But I'm a little worried that some of the advice on side-effects suggest it can affect your ability to drive. I spend more than an hour a day in my car on high speed roads. And no drive = no work.

Mostly though, I just feel really rather sick. Seriously, insides have been used as a football and I have been DOWNING water today. I do actually regret going down this route already. I was doing better before I went to my GP to get them. I told my GP I was serious about tackling my depression and ready to see it through. I will keep taking it but I know that if things don't improve I won't switch to another drug - I will continue as I was. If I think it is making me dangerous to drive, slowing my reactions too much - I will phone my GP.

There - I can make decisions me.


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