Feb. 24th, 2011

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okay, so THAT injury from two years ago? Which has been twinging again recently. And then I hit my hand on a door frame the other day. It hurt so much on tuesday that I went home earlier. Got it strapped up with a support. Have been wearing a support since then. Yesterday it was a little better. Today my wrist has been better but my thumb is as bad as it ever was, and the wrist doesn't want to play sometimes either. Using a mouse at work is increasingly difficult as in order to support my thumb it restricted movement which made it difficult to grip the mouse. I am constantly swapping between mouse and keyboard at work and it's taking its toll. Using my laptop is much much easier. One more day of work and then I can rest it up some more.
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So doing some research on the NHS website doesn't give me the greatest hope about my appointment next week. Suggests that I'll need weekly GP appointments for a bit. Umm, well that's going to go down great at work and I don't like taking that much time off anyway. But I am jumping through the hoops in the hope that it will lead where I want to go. However I can not continue looking at this stuff because it just reminds me how long I still have yet to wait for an answer from the PCT. I was told 3-4 weeks, one week down, only another 2-3 to go. Yes I am involuntarily counting. I can't help myself. I want so desperately to access treatment. I hate to be so dramatic, but I don't honestly know how I will cope if I am rejected again. Every delay to every step causes me to get lower and lower.


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