Feb. 13th, 2011

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(I really should post more at the moment since so much in happening)

And by northern friends I mean those who come from parts of the world where a common term of endearment/type speech is "duck". For example at work I might say to a customer "I'm sorry my computer sustem is running slowly it's taking a long time to pull up that number you need", to which a customer might say "that's ok duck". Where I come from they might say "that's alright my lover" or "my love". You know a term of endearment by the tone of voice that goes with it.

So by customers in a particular part of the country it's common to be called "duck" by them. I hadn't thought of it as a feminine term other than figuring that people are more likely to use such types of language when talking with a customer. Except recently, in the same kind of tone of voice, I got called "cock" the other day. The tone wasn't an insult, it was exactly the same tone as if he called me "duck" or "love" or "dear" or "sweetheart". He was from the right part of the country for it to potentially be a masculine alturnative. I figure they're both poultry.

I can only figure that for the second time, and possibly 500,000 customer conversations later, I was read as male over the phone. Opinions?


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