Jan. 24th, 2011

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It angers me when people use christianity as a reason to be anti-GLBTQ. Not because they're being anti-GBLTQ, but because they're using christianity as an excuse for their bigotry.

There are many Christians who have no problem and feel no conflict between GLBTQ folks and christianity. Indeed there are many GLBTQ christians who feel loved and accepted by christ and by god and by their communities.

http://istyosty.com/81u This is a link to the article that has sparked this feeling off. I just feel the need to vent. Vent because being made to follow the law is not being discriminated against, not compared to being told that you can't share a double bed with your civil partner because you're not married. Because bigots like this are the ones who prevented gay people from being able to actually get married in the first place. It's not being discriminated against when compared to being called an "it" in a public place. What about being killed because someone thinks you might possibly maybe have a sexual interest in those of the same gender of yourself. Being treated like dirt, losing your job, not getting a job in the first place, being subjected to treatment/torture, suffering violence, abandonment by family, and all because people have decided that you don't fit their definition of what you should look or act like. I accept that some christians do suffer from prejudice and perhaps some low levels of discrimination. But to claim that they are effectively now being treated as badly as GLBTQ folks?

Go and learn some history folks. It was not that long ago in the UK a committee of straight people decided that it shouldn't be unlawful for gay men to have sex in the privacy of their own homes. Some police would hang around public loos just to arrest men for potentially having sex together.

I don't want to make these people suffer as GLBTQ folks have. Afterall, more than 40% of trans folk in the US seem to have attempted suicide. It was only a couple of years ago a young gay lad was beat to death in Huyton for little more than being gay. I do not wish on bigots to know such internal or external suffering. But I do wish that they would grow up and develop themselves into less bigotted and less ignorant people. Because GLBTQ folks aren't going anywhere, are part of nature/natural, and actually - we have plenty to offer if they'd only give us a chance.


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