Jan. 23rd, 2011

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The Baths and the Bulls - being christian does not mean you can discriminate against gay people.

SHE is now claiming that they will lose their home and their money because of the ruling. She is claiming that she is getting ranted at and this is delaying her being able to hear from the hospital about her very ill husband.

I shake my head and am disgusted with her. The judge apparently (as far as is suggested by this very article) as part of the ruling looked at whether the guys could have known the policy and whether they were trying to bate the hotel owners in any way. No one set out to ruin anyone. The article even says that they were running the hotel at a loss. Why would you do that? It's not christian hospitality if you always run at a loss. You share what you have, you do not spend what you do not.

It annoys me when people do this. And I see it at work too. People make a bad choice, even if to them it was for the right reason, and things come bad they blame everyone but themselves. You know, the people who made the decision. Because it wasn't just the decision to refuse a particular gay couple - but knowing that the law was likely to go against them if they refused ANY gay people. And if that wasn't a conscious decision - WHY wasn't it? This was their business and when the law came in something similar was discussed in the media. But the media now suggests that they did think about it and still decided to place their beliefs before the law. But enough there - I know that people reading this are likely to agree that they made a bad choice. I just wish she'd own up to having made a bad choice, even if she doesn't think it was the wrong choice, rather than blame others.

And lastly - if she's getting bothered by callers whilst waiting for news from the hospital? Get a private line. Change your number. Get the hospital to phone you on your mobile. And if people still rant at you down the phone - hang up on them. I work in customer service and there is no reason anyone should ever put up with being shouted at down the phone. Not even in the name of customer service. The only reason I ever let a customer shout at me is when I am hammering home a point. If I were in her position I would simply hang up without a second thought. And give the hospital my mobile number.


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