Jan. 18th, 2011

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The appointment came through today. For a few weeks time. Mid morning.

I can get time off work for appointments but they ask that we try and get appointments at the beginning or end of a day. I am so grateful for getting this appointment I don't want to try and change the time. I could end up waiting even longer and I've been down so long I'm not sure I could cope with that. So I tried to book a half day off work. But because we have a full centre meeting our computer system won't let me. Missing that meeting is no big deal. None whatsoever, I don't know why it won't let me. So I now either try and book the whole day off, change the appointment, or come clean that I have an appointment that I can't change. I do not want to change the appointment. But I will have to try. Because I don't want to take a whole day off either nor have to try and explain to my manager.

I was hoping that this news would make me happier/drag me out of my depression more than it has. Instead I'm still feeling dead inside or just wanting to cry.


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