Jan. 6th, 2011

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We were discussing the news that a PCT in Kent had halted for a time referals for treatment for gender identities disorders, gastro band surgery and IVF, and that fact that trans activist groups pointed out that whilst deversating for the other groups to wait longer for treatment, they are things which rarely cause people to be come suicidal. He made the (valid) point that each group of people would have an argument for why their funding and treatment should be provided. However the fact that was making this argument however bothered me.

It's actually an old story in this house, where he makes the counter argument against improvements for trans people.

And I've worked out why it bothers me. Because whilst many of his points might be valid, I don't want to have to hear something so bloody unsupportive from one of the people I should be able to trust to have my back. He is redeemed because I know he doesn't mean to be unsupportive and because whilst watching Hollyoaks the other day he had a good laugh at Jason's mum, saying that she's in for a shock if she expects the GIC to convince Jason not to transition. He's not nasty, just an idiot.


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